Carlos Salas began performing with the Virginia Wind Symphony in September of 2014.   He has been an active duty Soldier/Musician in the Army and has been playing tuba for the military for 16 years.   He has had the pleasure of serving in Missouri, Hawaii, Japan, Washington and in Virginia.  Carlos has deployed to combat zones performing troop support missions with the 25th Infantry Division Band for both Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan 2004) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq 2006-2007).   In 2010, he was invited to perform with the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force Central Band as part of a US/Japan Military Musician Exchange Program.   As part of the United States Army Japan Band, he deployed to the disaster stricken area of Sendai, Japan after the Great Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami of 2011 where he performed in relocation shelters for Japanese citizens.   Carlos has performed in the Combined Services Concert Band in Hawaii and the International Armed Services Concert Band in Washington.   He is currently the Tuba Instructor at the Army School of Music and was recently awarded the Cadre of the Quarter Award.   He is a freelance tubist and electric bassist and resides in Virginia Beach with his wife Emily and two-year old daughter Ava.


Q: What do you like about performing with the VWS?


Carlos:  I really like the opportunity that it provides service members like myself to contribute and collaborate with the local community. As a Military musician, it makes me feel more at home to get out and join in the local musical community and the VWS provides the perfect opportunity to do so while giving me an enjoyable, and challenging musical outlet outside of my normal duties. The musicians in the VWS are some of the best in the community and they bring their best to every rehearsal and performance.

Q: You are an instructor at the Army School of Music. Tell us a bit about what you do there and perhaps share your impression of your students.

Carlos:  I have the unique opportunity to help musicians refine their craft while training them to perform music in service to the Army and the Nation. My colleagues are among the most talented and professional musicians I have ever had the chance to meet. I have had the great pleasure of working with some of the best and brightest young musicians from all across the US.

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