Christopher Miller


Chris Miller is a, hard-working, dedicated and professional individual with a passion for teaching all musical styles.  His passion for teaching music is only eclipsed by his love for playing and performing. He earned his undergraduate degree in music theory at Old Dominion University, studying alongside Dr. Mike Hall. While earning his degree he diversified his musical portfolio through volunteering and participating in a myriad of on campus and off campus musical activities with mastery across multiple brass instruments such as the Sackbut, Tuba, Trumpet and French horn, with his primary musical mastery on the Euphonium and the Trombone.

His recent performances have been with the Virginia Wind Symphony, ODU Symphony Orchestra, ODU Wind Ensemble, ODU Jazz Orchestra, Soloist, as well as numerous affiliated and non-ODU affiliated mixed chamber groups. 


He currently intends to continue to teach effective brass playing and further expand his musical horizons. His desire is to continue his path to teach music/brass and to be able to expand the horizons of his students.


Q:  How long have you performed with the VWS?

Chris:  I've been performing with the VWS for about one year.


Q:  What do you get out of the rehearsals and performances with VWS?

Chris:  The rehearsals are something I look forward to every week. I love being able to create music with my friends and colleagues.


Q:  What are your hobbies other than performing music?

Chris:  When I'm not in school or practicing, I enjoy running as well as many other physical activities. In the summer months, I manage a country club in west Ghent and try to fit in a motorcycle trip or two with my father.

Q:  How do you think performing with VWS can help in your future musical career?

Chris:  I believe being a relevant music educator means practicing what you preach in rehearsal and keeping your chops up with the regular practice of repertoire. VWS is also great source of camaraderie and fellowship for the musicians and educators of Hampton Roads. 

Meet Chris Miller, VWS Musician of the Month for March 2017