Meet Jonathan Lichtenstein, VWS Musician of the Month for April 2017

Jonathan Lichtenstein's Website

1. How long have you performed with the VWS?

My association with the Virginia Wind Symphony (VWS) began in 1998.
It's amazing to consider I have been a part of the ensemble almost
since its inception. In fact, I was aware of the VWS from that first
season in 1994. My high school band director was a member of the group at the time. He brought to my attention the demands and rewards of participation in a professional symphonic wind ensemble. I am grateful to have shared in nearly 20 years of music-making with Dennis Zeisler and the group's dedicated cadre of musicians.

2. What do you enjoy most about performing with VWS?

If there's one reason why I keep coming back for more it must be the
variety: the variety of music, the variety of talent, the variety of
conductors, and the variety of opportunities to hone my skills as a
bass clarinetist. As a member of the Virginia Wind Symphony, not only
have I been afforded the opportunity to play some of the greatest
literature for wind band, but I have done so under the direction of
the most acclaimed conductors, with some of the finest solo artists of
our time, among some of Tidewater's best and brightest music

In particular, I recall our recitals with the Philadelphia and
American Brass Quintets, and those with clarinetist Anthony McGill,
flutist Jim Walker, and saxophonist Lynn Klock, to name but a few. And
then there were the command performances at the ABA convention in 2004 and 2011, the Midwest Clinic in 2004 and 2012, and the VMEA conference in 2004 in 2014, some of which featured appearances by the likes of Col. Arnald D. Gabriel (USAF, ret.), Col. John R. Bourgeois (USMC,ret.) and Drs. Harry Begian and Frederick Fennell, among others.

3. What occupies your time besides performing music? Hobbies?

In 2007 I established a service for the presentation, preservation,
restoration, and transfer of legacy audio and video formats. While
this work has since evolved to include marketing services on a variety
of contemporary digital platforms, I still get to enjoy the pleasure
of working with and integrating the original recordings for
re-distribution to new audiences.

An outgrowth of my past work in broadcasting, since 2010 I have served as the announcer for all air shows at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach. Drawing on a lifelong love of aviation, I have helped to entertain audiences with an informative and informal style of

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