Katherine (Katie) Ross is a native of Virginia Beach and is a product of the outstanding music educators in the Virginia Beach City Public Schools, graduating from Kempsville High School.  She received her baccalaureate degree from West Virginia University and a Masters degree in Music Education from Old Dominion University.

Katie shapes future generations of young musicians as a Music Specialist at College Park Elementary School in Virginia Beach.  She also teaches private lessons specializing in beginning and intermediate oboe players.

Let's ;earn more about Katie!

Q:  How long have you been performing with VWS? 


KR:  Since 2012


Q:  You grew up in this area.  What role do you think VWS plays in the local music scene?  What could we do differently/better? 


KR:  I really enjoy how VWS is comprised of local teachers and local military musicians. I get to play with people I've looked up to throughout my entire musical career. I also love the collaboration between the local music teachers. I've had the opportunity to work with many young oboe students because of my involvement in VWS. 


Q:  You specialize in teaching younger student/musicians.  What do you find most gratifying about that? 


KR:  I enjoy watching them grow as musicians. Oboe isn't an instrument someone just picks up, it's an instrument that requires a level of passion and dedication (and a little insanity). I teach students who switch from another instrument, so I see their frustrations, their drive, their passion, and their triumphs. It's very gratifying to see my students succeed.


Q:  In addition to your job and performing on the oboe, what do you do for fun? 


KR:  I love to bake and decorate cakes! I also love to workout (so I can eat cookies). I do crossfit a couple days a week and I run (walk) in many of the local 5K races with my mom. 

Many people do not know that I marched a summer of drum corps. Because I am a woodwind player, I didn't think the activity was open to me. A few friends in college convinced me that I could do it so I picked up trumpet and made it into the Troopers.

I feel like you have to be a special kind of crazy to teach elementary school. 

A photo of me and my summer elementary music camp students.

I love my job!

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